Client FAQ

COMTEK Group Client FAQ

[accordion auto_height=”false” ui_theme=”ui-smoothness” collapsible=”0″ active=”1″] [accordion_panel title=”How long has your company been in business?”]COMTEK Group was founded in January 2001. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you provide services nationally?”]Yes. COMTEK Group can provide services anywhere in the United States. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you require background checks and drug testing? “]All of COMTEK Group consultants are drug tested. We also conduct state and federal criminal background checks. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you verify employment and education? “]We have the ability to verify employment and degrees. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Can COMTEK Group assist in scoping projects?”]COMTEK Group has technical experts on staff that can scope your projects and deliver implementation, migration and upgrade strategies. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Can you help me choose between a contract or permanent hiring solution?”]We have helped many of our clients successfully implement staffing strategies. A personal understanding of the client’s environment is a great place to start. Scheduling a client visit from a COMTEK Group account manager will provide an opportunity to discuss contract or permanent staffing strategies and effective approaches. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”What service does an account manager provide?”]Your account manager is your single point of contact for taking advantage of all the services COMTEK Group provides. He or she can help you define your specific needs. This may include a process of assessing required skills versus preferred skills; taking into account the availability and pricing of the skill sets you seek; and whether the resource is for permanent placement or contract engagements. After candidates are filtered through COMTEK Group’s recruiting system and process, your account manager will do the final screening before representation. Once you select candidates you are interested in, your account manager sets up interviews, debriefs you and the candidates post-interview, and extends the offer to the candidate you select. Finally, the account manager secures a commitment and establishes a start date once the candidate accepts. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you provide feedback forms for clients to evaluate consultants?”]As a part of our desire to provide the highest quality service, COMTEK Group provides an online feedback and comments section on a semi-monthly basis. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you have any government qualifications?”] COMTEK Group is cleared by the United States Department of Defense at the “Secret” level . [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Can we hire your consultants?”]Depending upon your contract with us, COMTEK Group may allow you to hire our consultants. We do require, however, a minimum term of service before they are eligible to be converted to your staff. After the term of service has elapsed, there is a graduated conversion fee schedule. Contact your account manager for additional details. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you provide vendor on premise (VOP) solutions?”]Yes. COMTEK Group can design and implement a custom (VOP) solution that fits your businesses hiring needs. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title=”Do you provide outsource recruiting solutions?”]Yes. COMTEK Group has a program that allows companies to outsource all or part of their recruiting efforts. [/accordion_panel] [/accordion]