Sync, Share, Access.

Introducing SharePlan™, the proven file sync and share technology enterprise users readily adopt and IT teams easily deploy. Built on the brilliantly simple, award-winning CrashPlan platform that’s protected, moved and managed exabytes of information for nearly a decade, SharePlan naturally drives real-time collaboration while easily managing the flow of endpoint data inside and outside the enterprise.

When business users adopt consumer-based applications, IT loses control, left to manage the crisis when corporate data is inappropriately shared or breached. SharePlan is the on-premises enterprise sync and share solution built with a “security-first” mindset—maximizing visibility of corporate data at all times, on all endpoints, so you can quickly mitigate risk more effectively.

Secure. SharePlan’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC) provides the physical data control of an on-premises deployment with the added benefit of 24×7 monitoring and support from experienced Code42 Customer Champions.

Smart. SharePlan’s real-time administration and robust, proven policies enable a single admin to successfully manage thousands of users, devices and plans from a single console.

Simple. SharePlan’s in-place, continuous sync allows users to leave their files and folders in-place on their device—no more manually dragging-and-dropping files into a special folder or having to create a second copy in order to enable sync.