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The Road to Success.

Looking for a full-time position? Or perhaps contract work? At COMTEK Group, our candidates choose jobs to match their career needs. We believe in helping our candidates find the opportunity that fits not only their skill set, but also lifestyle and goals. Our candidates are in the drivers seat. COMTEK Group helps them navigate.

Creating a great blend between a client’s needs and a candidate takes more than just matching skills. Our clients rely on us to provide consistently capable and compatible candidates. And this works in our candidates’ favor too.

To find your perfect opportunity, help us help you.

Meet with one of our qualified candidate recruiters and participate in a comprehensive candidate interview. This begins a proven process that helps us to ensure that when an opportunity comes along, you and the client are a good fit for each other.

We want to know more about you than just your skill sets. We also want to know about your short and long-term goals, your workplace and environmental preferences, your desired geographical locations, the kind of staffing positions you are looking for including: contract assignments, permanent placement positions or contract-to-hire opportunities.